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Customer-specific shop design

L&H Dutch Bear always strives to find the right price / value ratio for our products. And of course you determine what that value is. What requirements should your shop design meet? In terms of quality, durability, lifespan, mechanism, material and natural appearance. L&H Dutch Bear can contribute to your product development, your presentation and thus to support and achieve your sales targets.

The strength of L&H Dutch Bear is a direct result of our many years of experience and technical know-how with manufacturing in China. Our employees in Apeldoorn and Shanghai have a lot of daily contact and are well attuned to each other. We have very direct lines with the factories and in recent decades a lot has been invested in guaranteeing reliability, speed, quality, continuity and competitive prices.

We produce in China, but work according to Dutch / European law. We bear the full production risk and are responsible for the shipment of your specific product to a delivery address designated by you.

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