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Sustainability is a broad concept. At L&H Dutch Bear, we are aware of what we do and the way in which we execute every step of our business process. We want to create optimal value for our customers, taking the impact on people and the environment into account. We are happy to tell you more about this.

Price-value ratio
Everyone wants to purchase products with a good price-quality ratio. At L&H Dutch Bear, this does not automatically mean that lower priced products also have a lower quality or a shorter lifespan. In addition, we believe that a more expensive product, doesn’t necessarily entail a better quality or longer lifespan.

At L&H Dutch Bear we prefer to speak of a price-value ratio. In determining the value of our products, account is taken of good quality, functionality, lifespan and conscious choices for people and the environment. By producing and transporting in large volumes, we can offer you very competitive prices based on these principles..

Conscious manufacturing
L&H Dutch Bear has the vision that you should produce locally where possible. But also that you have to produce where it is most efficient. Due to the availability of resources such as machines and human capital. Where the investment in knowledge, skills and experience leads to fast, less burdensome production. And where innovation ensures a low impact on the environment. 

We always consult with our customers about the best production methods and / or whether we deliver final products or semi-finished products that can also be assembled at other locations.

Waste and packaging
We naturally separate our waste and try to minimize our residual waste and plastic use. We pack sustainably, by using as little packaging material or volume as possible. However, this is never at the expense of the quality of the product, which must be well protected during transport or storage.

Most of our products are produced in China. 95% of our goods are shipped to Europe and the Netherlands by sea freight. Containers are always filled as efficiently as possible, with maximum volume and / or weight per container. We do business with various shipping companies that adhere to the statutory requirements and rules regarding fuel consumption and emissions.

Sustainable energy
We are aware of our own energy consumption in our offices and therefore use solar panels to generate and store energy and, where possible, supply it back to the energy network.

Working conditions and health
The working conditions in our preferred factories in China are primarily the responsibility of the manufacturers themselves. However, we pay close attention to the standards and rules that apply to this and monitor this continuously. Our employees in China personally visit all the factories we work with. The health of our own employees is also paramount and we provide them with ergonomic, healthy workplaces and encourage healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise.

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